As we face the unique challenges of this season, an impactful way you can partner with the Camp BlueSky team this year is through mobilization - the process of getting our seasonal camp staff to camp. We are planning to run an adjusted Camp BlueSky program in the 2021 camp season. Come  alongside us to call, empower, and care for each young adult who will be on this year's team!


Whether introducing and referring potential team members to Camp BlueSky, walking with them as they raise support, or praying over them while they are serving at camp, your partnership will help our team grow in faith, unity, and effectiveness as we build transformative relationships with the multinational kids of Nairobi through adventure.

How you can help build the camp team


Check in


about opportunities to serve at Camp BlueSky with individuals or groups of young adults in your community.

with the young adults you referred and fill out a reference form for them if they apply (this will be emailed to you).

further for our team by supporting camp staff financially or helping with training, spiritual formation, or debrief.




an Adventure's Calling Kit in the mail or by email with resources to help you share about Camp BlueSky and refer camp staff.

contact information from young adults who are interested and fill out the referral form below. 

for them and us throughout the application process and, if they get hired, as they prepare and serve for the camp season!

*We'll follow up with  them!

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Adventure's Calling Kit

The Adventure's Calling Kit is a packet of information, flyers, and info cards that will better equip you to share about serving at Camp BlueSky with college students and young adults in your community. Just send us an email at with your interest in getting an Adventure's Calling Kit and your mailing address. 

You can also access most of the kit's resources digitally below!

If you just have one or two students you'd like to refer, go right ahead and use the form at the bottom of the page! You don't have to have received an Adventure's Calling Kit to refer potential camp staffers. 

Refer a Camp Team Member!

Potential Team Member's Information

Your Information

Relationship to BlueSky (check all that apply)
If you have been to Camp BlueSky as a camper or staff member, which team are you on?

*If this student is hired (unless they are an alumni or related  to an alumni), they will be assigned to your Chumvi or Nuru team!

Additional Information

When we follow up with them, may we mention that you referred them?
If this student applies, are you willing to act as one of their references?

We got it! Someone on our team will reach out to the student you referred soon. Thanks for building the camp team with us!

Want to brainstorm, have a question, or need more info?

We’d love to talk!

Carrie Mixon, Recruiting and Camp Care Manager
Phone: 678-588-9938  (WhatsApp only Nov. 20, 2020 - Jan. 21, 2021)
Mason Miller, Community Student Ministry Staff (assisting Camp team with mobilization)