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In the late 1990s, Kim Pace was attending Berry College and actively involved with both Winshape Camps and Winshape Teams. All she learned and experienced during that season fueled Kim’s passion for the Lord and for engaging people in outdoor adventure. When she and fellow team member Pete Morton, were approached by Winshape Teams’ former director Tammy Preston to pilot a leadership and team building program in Nairobi, Kenya, for one year, they gave a resounding yes and moved to Kenya in 2001.

That one-year pilot program would become a non-profit organization, Brackenhurst Ministries, and eventually named BlueSky Global Ministries. Kim saw the opportunity to create unique platforms through BlueSky that would serve and attract the multinational community in Kenya, where they would ultimately learn about the love of Jesus. Through Kim’s vision, BlueSky’s ministry expanded from a leadership and team building program to include a summer adventure camp and year-round student ministry. In 2011, Kim and the BlueSky team built and opened the only major indoor climbing gym in East Africa, drawing people from communities traditionally hard to reach.

After influencing thousands through her life and through BlueSky, Kim Pace passed away suddenly in a paragliding accident in western Kenya on January 23, 2018. Kim knew deeply who God created her to be: a follower of Jesus who loved people and adventure, and she imbued this spirit into the heart of BlueSky Global Ministries. BlueSky is faithfully continuing the ministry Kim started in Kenya, using adventure to serve people from all nationalities in hopes that they, too, may experience true life change.


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