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Spend 4 or10 weeks in Kenya this summer serving on Camp BlueSky's seasonal team, investing in the lives of global kids and teens through adventure, fun, and relationship!

Adventure's Calling!

Every year from late May through early August an amazing group of college and university students join our staff at Camp BlueSky, a unique adventure camp in Nairobi, Kenya, for 7-18 year olds.

BlueSky campers represent dozens of nationalities and multiple religious backgrounds. Some have grown up in the church while others hear about Jesus for the first time during their week at camp. Throughout the six sessions of camp, the Camp BlueSky team usually serves over 800 campers, with an average of 130 campers each week!

Our counselors and program aids are an integral part of the ministry of Camp BlueSky - whether it's by teaching a craft, cheering them up the rock wall, performing a crazy skit, sharing during devotion times, or simply being an older friend in whom to confide. Throughout it all, our team has the opportunity to meet campers where they are - spiritually, emotionally, relationally - and point them to Jesus through word and deed.


When camp is not in session, Camp BlueSky staff get to engage in some other kinds of adventures and learning opportunities, including:

  • Team training, debrief, and rest.

  • Exploring some of the outdoor adventures Kenya has to offer through rock climbing, camping, and other trips. 

  • Observing and learning about other ministries in the Nairobi area according to individual staff members interests.

Whether they have grown up in Nairobi or it is their first time in another country, these weeks gives our staff an opportunity to grow as a team and expand their vision of what it looks like to be a part of Christ's Kingdom work.  The camp season as a whole provides an excellent introduction to cross-cultural ministry as our staff interact with many nationalities (both on their own team and with their campers) and multiple types of ministry. Our goal for each staff member is that they grow in cultural humility, servant leadership, and faith in order to become active and missional members of the Global Church. 


We want our campers to be led by a staff of young adults who are committed followers of Jesus, live with an adventurous spirit, and are eager to nurture campers and create an environment of love, acceptance, and growth. 

Camp Counselor:

Camp Counselors are responsible for the overall supervision of campers with the aim of providing a healthy, safe, and fun camp environment and experience in which Christ’s love is demonstrated and shared.

Program Aide:

Program Aides are responsible for the overall running of camp, including specific programs, operations, media, and administrative planning and tasks. Each will have his or her own primary responsibilities, as well as contributing to the overall culture and experience of camp with Gospel-centered leadership.

Spiritual Life Coordinator:

The Spiritual Life Coordinator (SLC) serves on the Camp BlueSky summer team providing spiritual care for both staff and campers.



Camp BlueSky is a non-profit organization, so any fees from our campers go directly back into the cost of operations and programs in order to keep it as affordable as we can. Therefore, our ministry staff - including seasonal staff - are required to raise and/or contribute the finances needed to cover expenses for their time serving with us. We also ask each staff member to gather a team of people to pray for them and our whole team for the duration of the camp season.


The total financial amount needed from each staff member will vary based on differences in position, travel costs, and length of service. We will provide resources, coaching, and accountability to help our staff with this aspect of serving with our ministry. Please see position descriptions or email us for an estimate or if you have any questions about this.


We understand that this is a big commitment and investment, but we are equally confident that the experience you gain and the impact you make as you serve, explore, learn, and lead with Camp BlueSky are much more than an equal return!