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BlueSky Global Ministries' vision is to see the multinational community of Nairobi, Kenya, spiritually transformed and equipped to influence the world for God's glory.

We pursue this by building relationships through adventure, using three core platforms: BlueSky Adventures (rock climbing gym, expedition trips, and team building), Camp BlueSky, and BlueSky Community (year-round relational ministry). 

2001-2021 Tusherehekee!! 

                                       (let's celebrate)


BlueSky celebrated a big birthday milestone in 2021: twenty years! What began as a one-year commitment in 2001 to establish a small team building program in Nairobi turned into a multi-platformed ministry over the years. Today, BlueSky’s influence and impact continues to grow, spreading into every corner of the city and touching thousands of lives through camp, climbing, and adventure leadership. There is much to celebrate!


2021 was both incredibly rewarding and really challenging. We were excited to host Camp BlueSky in person again, yet had to cancel the second half of the summer due to an outbreak of Covid cases. Our student ministry team created new adventure and spiritual impact initiatives to help middle and high schoolers connect and grow, only to have to pause while our team leader returned to the U.S. for six months for treatment after a shocking cancer diagnosis. Round two of pandemic lockdowns halted momentum in the climbing gym, but brought a deepened sense of community as climbers were eager to reconnect once we could reopen. The launch of BlueSky Expeditions, our new off-site adventure program, was the realization of a long-time dream to add this programming option to the BlueSky Adventures platform. 


Through your generosity and faithful partnership, 2021 saw our highest level of contributions to BlueSky Global to date. Thank you! More than ever, your ongoing support for our work in Kenya is critical to the forward progress and the pursuit of the vision before us: to see the multinational community in Nairobi, Kenya, spiritually transformed and equipped to impact the world for God’s glory. 


We’ve been looking back on BlueSky’s first twenty years and identifying pieces of our culture and DNA that are essential to the ministry’s success into the next twenty years . . . while also identifying what to reinvent and grow in to look ahead and continue to solidify our long-term presence and impact in Nairobi, Kenya. We can’t wait to share more of the exciting vision for Bluesky’s future with you. 


With love and gratitude,

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BlueSky Staff


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International Staff


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visits to the climbing gym


climbers purchased gym memberships


climbers purchased punch cards to the gym


climbers purchased individual passes to the gym


people participated in our team building activities 


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off-site expedition trips hosted


people participated in our expedition activities 




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BlueSky's overall funding model includes three distinct avenues: contributions to the General Ministry Fund, individual missionary support raising, and revenues generated through Adventures, Camp, and Community programs in Kenya. This unique approach allows gifts to the General Ministry Fund to be leveraged with income received through revenues, along with individual missionary support, to fully fund the total operations and programming budget.

Contributions & Revenue:

Community Revenue & Grants






Camp Program Revenue


Adventures Program Revenue


* Contributions included $704,884 to the General Ministry Fund and $472,191 to Missionary Staff Support 




Program Expenses


Operational Expenses




BlueSky Expeditions

One of the most exciting things of 2021 was launching a new initiative within our Adventures platform: BlueSky Expeditions.  Through Expeditions, our team is strategically positioned to lead world-class guide services, bringing the multinational community and Kenya's wild and beautiful landscape adventures together. We believe that creation is one of the most powerful ways to connect people with the Creator, and these multi-day excursions with smaller groups of participants give us deeper opportunities to build relationships and share the love of Jesus with people from all over the world. Romans 1:20 is at the core of why BlueSky Expeditions exists. . ."for since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities-His eternal power and divine nature-have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse". Fellow adventurers already sense how special the beauty of creation is, and this awareness provides us with an brilliant opening to build on what they already know. 


This past year gave us a small glimpse of the potential that exists to impact those seeking adventure experiences in Kenya. We were able to lead 45 participants over 9 trips into new and stretching experiences all across the country, from climbing in Hells Gate National Park to trekking on Mount Kenya (Africa's second highest mountain at 17,000 feet). In 2022, we've already worked with over 100 participants representing diverse cultures and backgrounds, including those fasting for Ramadan, students from the LGBTQ+ community, and a number of Sikhs. In case you're wondering, a Sikh's head covering does, in fact, fit perfectly under a climbing helmet! Pray with us as Expeditions continues to grow and for these unique moments to impact such a broad group with the gospel.

Looking Ahead

In 2022, we hope to see as many of you in person as possible – to connect and learn about what is happening in your world. Let’s reach out and find a time to get together!

Growing our Team

Strategic Growth

New Programs

We are praying for candidates in key leadership positions to serve with our team in Nairobi. If you have amazing people in your network with experience in camp leadership and ministry strategy, we sure would love to be introduced!

BlueSky will experience a first this year: launching a major building campaign! You read that right…and details for a new BlueSky Ministry Hub in central Nairobi are coming soon. This Ministry Hub will allow us to reach more people in the international community in Kenya. First goal: purchasing land!

 In addition to our traditional Camp BlueSky sessions, one special thing we are introducing this summer is “Kids Climbing Camp”, created to help young climbers connect and grow in their skills and love for the adventure. We can’t wait!


for increased opportunities for our team to connect and build relationships with more people in Nairobi, leading to life-changing experiences that shape how they live and work in the world.


to enable the transformational work to continue and thrive in Nairobi! Our ministry partners' generosity helps facilitate programs, staff care, and the operational growth so vital to BlueSky's ministry.  

Ways to get involved


by volunteering your time, skills, or resources. Host a small group event in your home, recruit prospective camp staff at your church or college campus. . . or consider serving on our Nairobi team yourself!


the BlueSky story, vision, and work with others! Stay connected through email, social platforms, and BlueSky's alumni network so that you can invite your community into the work as well.

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Board of Directors

Craig Elder


Manager, Athletic Training-Centura Health

A.B. Puckett

Investment Consultant

Rachel Lockman 

Ministry Consultant

Kelli Pace

Travel agent / Homemaker

Jon Messarra

SWAT Ministries, Executive Director

Zach Harter

WinShape Foundation, Assistant Director, Leader Development

Tammy Preston

BlueSky Global Ministries, Executive Director 

Contact BlueSky

Home Office:

101 World Drive, Suite 350 

Peachtree City, GA 30269

Office: (470) 771-2015

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