BlueSky Youth They’re the kids of Nairobi’s multinational community, the sons and daughters of diplomats, missionaries, NGO workers and business leaders. Because of their experiences, they’re uniquely positioned to change the world. And during their time in Nairobi, however long that may be, BlueSky Youth has the opportunity to influence them spiritually. It’s our prayer that they’ll jump into the adventure of reaching out of their comfort zones, going deeper spiritually and having the faith that changes everything. More than anything, BlueSky Youth wants kids to know they’re loved––by us and by God. It’s a privilege to encourage their faith and, in some cases, introduce them to their Savior. It’s also important that we connect them to other kids who understand the life they’re living, and do it in a positive, fun environment. These are relationships that can have a lifetime impact.
Kingdom Impact Through Youth We INVITE students into relationship by being where they are. We make new friends and look for opportunities to serve them in their schools and communities. We volunteer as coaches, help with school plays, eat lunch in the schools and get to know them at the climbing gym.
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In December of 2012, we partnered with Young Life International to run our first ever High School Camp. 38 students from 15 nationalities spent 4 days at camp where they heard the Gospel, connected at a deeper level with the staff who serve them year round, and made new friends from around the region.
The team is investing in 5 schools this semester. Recently students from one school, where Brett has been coaching, had several students attend the weekly event for the first time. The team has multiple opportunities to be on campuses each week by coaching, going to lunches, and going to watch sporting events and school plays.
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During the 2014-2015 school year, 75 students were involved in 10 weekly covenant groups. This semester, groups have studied Psalms 139, Proverbs, James, and the book, Wild at Heart. Students who were involved in weekly events in the Spring heard a weekly message on the theme TRUTH. The theme verse was John 14:6, "I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me." We also want to CONNECT them to the BlueSky community. Typically, this connection point is our weekly Youth event. During this time they get to know other students, have fun activities, and hear a Gospel message. Throughout the semester, the Youth team When students are ready, we plug them into one of our Covenant groups where we are able to INVEST in them spiritually. Each week they meet with a staff member and a small group of guys or girls. It is in these groups that students dive deeper into the Word and learn what it looks like to walk out the Christian life together.
 walks through a message series focused on a single verse or passage of scripture.
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