Kingdom Living
We practice Kingdom Living by loving, serving, and sharing the Gospel with our community. Our lives are our "mission field" as we immerse ourselves in the culture around us. We begin by INVITING our neighbors into the Adventure by building Christ-centered relationships that begin at work, on a campus, or in the community. This could come through a conversation at the office, belaying at the climbing gym, coaching at a school, or when shopping at a store. Simply answering the question, "Where do you work?" can often be a bridge to friendship as we share the ways in which BlueSky is serving the community. We have an incredible story to share about our great God, we desire to intentionally and prayerfully CONNECT our community to the story. We do this by asking questions, sharing what the Lord has done in our lives, and most importantly, by sharing with them from Scripture. We desire to be rooted in the lives of our community, meeting them where they are, and walking with them towards Jesus. As we dive into Scripture and unpack what God's word says about Jesus, we are able to walk people through the obstacles they face in coming to Jesus. We find that some have become disenchanted and walked away from the Church. Some have chosen to believe that there is no God and no absolute truth. Others are actively pursuing the favor of or worshiping other "gods." Each of them face the obstacles that come from power, wealth, prejudice, and indifference but we serve a God who is faithful to soften even the hardest of hearts. We are seeing people responding to the Gospel in faith as they are connected to Christ. As our community hears and responds to the Gospel, we continue to INVEST in one another. We do this by plugging them into the local church and meeting in small groups throughout the week. As we continue to move forward, this may also take on the form of small home churches or a church that meets in our facility. We continue to seek the Lord's guidance as we pursue the the Lord's plans for building his Kingdom within the multinational community.
Inviting others into the adventure by introducing BlueSky ministries and staff. Growing together by connecting our lives to the story of Christ Investing in one another so that we go deeper together in our relationship with Christ.
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2012 Expenses
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