Inviting Through Adventures "Most of the corporate people are not Christians," says Tom, the marketing director for BlueSky Adventures. "Sometimes when we go to them, they ask us for money. They say, 'if we are to give you business, then what's in it for us?' Because of the values that we stand for, we tell them, 'we do not operate business this way, there is a better way to do things.' You see a lot of those people being touched and realizing that this is not the right way to do things. You may not get the business right away but over a long period of time, the same person may call you and that time they won't ask for money but will still give you business. I may not be able to preach to them directly but they notice a difference all by themselves." Inviting Through Camp Inviting the multinational community into a relationship with their Savior means taking every opportunity given to us to share Christ within this community. As part of our Camp closing ceremony, one of our staff members shares the Gospel, explaining to parents the message that their children heard throughout the week. After the ceremony, Aliyah walked up to Jason with tears in her eyes. She said the story he told was the most beautiful story that she had ever heard. She asked him to share the story again so that she could video it to share with her family and friends. Jason told the story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection so that Aliyah could video it and share it with her Muslim community. God's Word does not return void ane we believe that the Lord used this small opportunity to make Himself known in this dark community.
Inviting Through Climb Growing together by connecting our lives to the story of Christ
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