Investing through Youth Dipti has been a BlueSky camper for years and is a Senior at a Christian school where our Youth team is involved. Throughout High School, she felt like an outcast who was judged by Christians. Because of her Hindu background and her life experience, she said she would never become a Christian. Over time, God softened her heart and brought people into her life to speak His truth in love to her. She became a Christian in the past few months! Praise God!! Michelle got to know Dipti as she was beginning to embrace the Gospel and she INVITED her to join a Covenant Group. Over the course of this year, Dipti was welcomed by other believers and experienced true Bibical community and fellowship with other Christians. As their friendship grew deeper, Michelle has had many opportunities to INVEST in her life by spending time encouraging and discipling Dipti. Dipti has grown to understand more about her true identity as a daughter of the King. She is learning that she has been adopted into his Kingdom and that she is forgiven and set free. Investing through Youth Diana, a student from a boarding school, is a part of the transient community in Nairobi. She lives and goes to boarding school here while all her family is living in Germany. Her senior year has been especially tough as her mother has been diagnosed and battling with cancer. Obviously, as a young girl away from her family this has been really hard. Michelle met Diana through our church and they began talking and meeting each week over frozen yogurt. Through this relationship, Michelle has had the opportunity to love and encourage Diana in her walk with the Lord. Michelle has been a friend when there has seemed to be no one else around. She's provided Christian community when there was none at school.
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Inviting others into the adventure by introducing BlueSky ministries and staff. Growing together by connecting our lives to the story of Christ
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