Connecting Through Adventures
Inviting others into the adventure by introducing BlueSky ministries and staff. Investing in one another so that we go deeper together in our relationship with Christ.
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 Connecting through Climb "I first met Tanveer and Mehul in November, they were some our first clients at the rock climbing gym," writes Stephen Powell, the director of Climb BlueSky. "They come from a Hindu background, attend a local university, and live a few blocks from our gym. They expressed interest in helping out at the gym. Now they are part time employees that work throughout the week. There is something incredibly special about their situation. They are in college, which is an incredible season of searching for most young people. They love climbing and are surrounded by Christians at the gym. As they openly talk about the issues that really matter, they have begun to show an interest in learning more about Christ and his Word. Simply through relationship, we have connected them to our community, not as participants, but as employees and friends." Connecting Through Camp After attending a week at camp, Anita was able to connect to the year round ministry of BlueSky. "I went to camp last summer and the week was amazing. I got to do a lot of things that I had never done before, like rock climbing. Most of my cabin mates are people that I'm still really good friends with. We got to grow together and I heard different aspects of the Bible that I had never heard before and how it related to people's lives. It was really cool to hear about the life experiences of others. After camp, my counselor and I stayed in touch. She was on the BlueSky Youth team and she invited me to the High School group that meets on Friday nights. We talked in groups about the Bible and bonded. I can express myself more, because now I see how the Bible relates to my life because I've seen others relate the Bible to their own lives. I've grown a lot in my faith and learned what it means to live it out with other Christians by being involved with BlueSky. Invest Invite  Impact ENGAGE BY
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