Climb Director
"I grew up in West Texas, but after spending the summer of 2002 in the Dominican Republic I fell in love with traveling, new adventures, and being immersed in cultures that are very far from my West Texas comforts. After 2002 I spent the next 7 years "on the road" never really staying anywhere long enough to call home. I traveled to some beautiful places, but the one constant that I would come back for every summer was CAMP! I found myself willing and ready to abandon any adventure every summer for camp. I cannot express the way God has used the relationships and experiences I have found serving the Lord at various camps. In 2009 God led me to Austin, TX to "settle down" for about 5 years. Thankfully He has matched my adventurous want to GO with a greater desire to share the Truth of Jesus in Kenya! I pray that my days on earth are for fruitful labor for His Kingdom (Phillipians 1:22) and I am very grateful that God has opened the door for me to "labor" at BlueSky!" Andrew joined the BlueSky team in February 2015 to serve as the Camp Director, and after successfully building out leadership for Camp, Andrew moved into a full time Climb role in 2016. Andrew now serves as the Climb BlueSky Director. He invests into that staff team, loves on those clients, and works to develop the climbing programs and facility. Andrew's greatest support need is to grow his team of monthly donors. Prayer Requests:
Camp Life in Kenya
Impacting the multinational community by investing in the leaders of tomorrow. Inviting, Connecting and Investing by intentional living and serving in our community.
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