Camp & Communication Coordinator
Alexia loves people, creating, and East Africa! Working with BlueSky gives her a chance to pursue all of these God-given passions! Alexia's role with BlueSky is two-fold: student ministry and communication. She loves high school students, and is deeply excited to pour into Nairobi's multi-national community on a daily basis. Equally, she also loves creating, and is thrilled to help lead the charge in our efforts to communication relevantly with our people who pass through our programs. Alexia loves pouring into people and creating relevant pieces that tell specific stories; her excitement is contagious! Alexia's biggest financial need is to grow her team of monthly supporters so that she has the funding necessary to continue to invest in campers and their families through Camp BlueSky's year-round ministry. Prayer Requests ﷯ Pray that all my design efforts and planning would be EXACTLY what the Lord wants, and not simply what I think would be relevant. I am praying each flyer, social media post, printed piece, and website I get to create would bring Him glory! ﷯ Pray that I would be culturally relevant in each conversation. Pray that the Kingdom would come crashing into students' lives and AWAKE them to Jesus Christ, regardless of their background. ﷯ Pray that we would be sensitive to the work of the Spirit so that nothing we do is a hindrance to the work the Lord is going to do through Camp BlueSky.


Honoring God through viable, sustainable, growing businesses that serve our community. Giving campers the opportunity to have fun, build relationships, and hear the Gospel.
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2012 Expenses
Programming - 53%
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