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In conjunction with traditional experiential programming, we are now offering teams the opportunity to combine classroom learning for maximum impact. This allows us to go deeper into specific ways that the organization can grow and develop.
We have the opportunity to equip our local, Kenyan staff for impact. Two of our former team members are serving as country directors for an organization caring for AIDS patients through the local church. One of our current facilitators is attending seminary and hopes to pastor a church in the future.
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 In 2012, 1,655 corporate and NGO leaders were trained in Kingdom business practices. They learned to improve their communication, the importance of both trusting and being trustworthy, and the importance of integrity in the workplace. We have recently begun offering programming at 2 new venues. In addition to our full challenge course, we serve clients by offering a challenge course at a local conference center, and offer programs in the heart of the city at Climb.
Kingdom Impact Through Adventures By cultivating an atmosphere of open communication and trust, we INVITE participants into relationship with their teammates and with the BlueSky team. We serve teams that are divided by almost every conceivable variable: race, religion, rank, and social status. Experiential learning through adventure breaks down these barriers and creates a tangible example that each individual brings something unique to the table. We CONNECT with organizations by creating multiple touch points, delving deeper into the heart of what we do and providing more opportunity for meaningful conversation. We offer organizations the opportunity to participate in a 3 part process: a teambuilding experience, a leadership development program, and an adventure trip. This provides us a total of 3-5 days of impact with a single team. In the near future, we are planning to implement an ongoing consulting piece that will provide the opportunity for greater impact. Climb BlueSky encourages participants can connect to the BlueSky community individually. Individuals no longer have to rely on their organization to take them to BlueSky, they can connect on their own. When our relationships with participants are fueled by friendship rather than a program, we are truly able to INVEST in individuals. As we get to know people and are intentionally living Kingdom driven lives, these friendships form naturally. This is the place where we are able to share in family life with our friends, ask the hard questions, and have Gospel conversations. The multinational community is filled with professionals working in business, government, and non-profit organizations. A lack of resources for professional development is a difficulty for both multinational and nationally run organizations. By running an adventure company that focuses on training teams and leaders, we have the opportunity to engage Nairobi at the corporate level, meeting the need for quality training and staff development. Through kingdom business, we cultivate the ability to lead well and work as a team, developing key skills that are fundamental to the success of any organization. We combine hands-on activities with engaging courses to bring these lessons to life. These adventures call people to make crucial changes to activate personal and professional change. By building teams and training leaders, we can impact Kenya by: Raising up leaders who are grounded in Biblical leadership principles Building teams who are more concerned with reaching their goals together than moving ahead individually Answering the "Why?" questions, which give us the opportunity to bear witness of Christ. Developing relationships with those who don't know Christ
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