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About Us


Our Community We long for the day when a people "from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages" will stand before the throne of Jesus. Today, we find multinational cities that provide us with a glimpse of what it will look like when the nations gather. The Lord has called us to engage these cities with the Gospel. - Details
Who Are We? We believe that Jesus alone sits on the throne and that it is our privilege to take His Gospel to the Nations, where he will redeem a people from every nation. Growing the global Church by engaging the multinational community throughout the world is a way we can participate in that plan. - Details
When people are moving all the time, they really need to find a place where they can feel safe, a place where they can connect with other people, and Lord-willing, a place where their lives intersect with the Gospel here in a way that it hasn’t before.
- Martha, Adult Expatriate


Kingdom Business God graciously gave mankind the gifts of creativity, innovation, and organization. We steward those gifts through Kingdom businesses that provide value-adding services to our community, allowing us to live out the Christian life in a community lacking Gospel-influence - Details
Kingdom Living We practice Kingdom Living by loving, serving, and sharing the Gospel with our community. Our lives are our "mission field" as we immerse ourselves in the culture around us. We INVITE our community into relationship, CONNECT them to the Body, and INVEST deeply in their lives. - Details
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2012 Expenses
Programming - 53%
Community Development - 38% *Project completed in 2012
Fundraising - 2%
Administration - 9%